Love Stories

Dolce Vita --- Sweet Times - A Touching Internet Love Story

Please Read This Love Story... Cry!!!! - Eric, Cathlyn, Carol

-*explain.understand*- - Understand your boyfriend/girlfriend

When man & woman fall in love Nice~ - The Mysterious thing called "LOVE"

Leaf's departure is because of Wind's pursuit - Tree, Leaf and Wind

Life Together - Old Couple Divorcing

LoVe....... Or nOt To LoVe?!?!?!?

Love~story - The first one to think of is ~ YOU

Regrets - I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy

The Salty Coffee

very interesting story................MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Cloud and Yukiko

What's love?

First Love - A True Story

Cinta and Romeo - A Love Story - Another True Story

A heartbreaking poem

a NO dOeS nT mEaN tT hE dUn lIkE u..

good heartwarming stories

A Sad But True Story.. Paul and Ella

What is luv?


Friendship Stories

An Ode To You

Dont Cry and i want this back - idea of a good friend

Who comes first in your mind....? - Friendship is a strange thing

Thinking of a good friend :) - T-bone steaks, yellow roses and friendship

I Love U

The gift of Girlfriends - Girlfriends, I appreciate you 2!

might change u. like it changed me :) - Do you have enough time to send this to another person?

To My Special Friends - You're My Special Friend

A story to share - True friend - World War 1 soldier

13 Things About You - u guys are great

A Platinum wish for U

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things

A story to share - True friend


Inspiring Stories

21 things to live life

Things are not what they seem - Two traveling angels

Anyway - Do It Anyway

The Hardworking Ant and the Lazy Grasshopper - Thoughts to ponder upon

We Are So Blessed! - Joyful reflection

The Donkey In The Well

Don't cry after reading ...... I did - A Touching Christmas Story: Drink driving tragedy

Faith explains it All...

FootPrints - Do read abt it, a meaningful short story

Does Heaven have a phone number???

Human Relationship - Sometimes we spend time asking who is responsible

Items You Need In Life

The Law of the Seed - Laws of nature are not things to take personally

Letting Go - Jenny and the pearl necklace

Memo From God - do not hold onto it by worrying about it

Motivation - you will never lose your value

Mrs. Thompson and Teddy

bowl of noodles - Do we treasure this unconditional sacrifice from our parents?


Are you rich or poor? - Too many times we forget what we have

School Life - TRUE & MeaN|ngFuL

do take sometime to read this story.... - a really meaningful story...

A small story to share - Have you ever had the feeling that life is bad?

Take Hold of Every Moment - Never save something for a special occasion

The Strench of Hatred - Throw away any hatred for anyone from your heart

Think Positive! =) - Finding positive out of every negative

Think Outside of the Box - Three Choices What would You Do?

Two boxes - Put all your sorrows in the black box and all your joys in the gold

What's ur stone? - Set your priorities

Work Smart Not Harder - potato garden

apple tree

Billy and Fireman

Dalai Lama New Year Message to the World

In Our Weakness We Find Our Strength

Dear Diary - veri meaningful......

The donkey in the well


God is like

Heavens Grocery Store

Circle of People I Care About

i luv u all!

[Life's a struggle] (Rap)

Men in hospital


Nail in the fence

Is packaging important to you?

Put the Glass Down (Very meaningful! Pls. read...)

A child can teach us to love & live

Take Hold of Every Moment

Thanks for your time

The Box

The Invisible letter

The most

The Thief - a wonderful Perspective !!!

To realize

The triple filter test

unconditional love

You R Priceless!


Ghost Stories

Who lives in Bedok? - The Famous Ghost Haunting at Bedok

Creepy... - Strange stories

interested in ghost stories?? - Ghost stories

Haunted-For those who cheong!!! - Mdm Wong pub ghost story

Would u go back as u promised? - Michelle and Leah

Story of the 3rd door



No More 5C's But New 5B's - Malaysia Version

Ah Beng - Singlish Joke

The reality of chain letters - Finally A Chain Letter That I Like!

Tales of Clever Woman

Coffee sense~~

Must Read and Sure Laugh - Coffin

The art of cross-examination at its best - Golfers Beware

Don't mess with children

guys n gals

Happy Valentine's Day

Idiotic tongue twister

Things You Would Never Know Without Indian & Chinese Movies

Poems by Lee Bai

Ah Beng's version of Lord Of The Rings - Lord of the Rings for Dummies

Talking about materialism

Monkey Puzzle - Real Puzzling

__nese VS __berg

Premarital Temptations - would you pass?

Reason why I never visit rich people! - just a lame joke

Arrhhhh...The Chinese Mind

Wise Words

2 n 1 - the following people are stranded

Da Niu - MUST READ - How DA NIU (Big Bull in mandarin) got married

Gay - Four friends reunited at a party after 30 years

Get Fit - No time to exercise? Don't feel guilty

Men Vs Women

Monkey Business

Nice Jokes

One Stone

Crapping 101 - pangsai etiquette

Points System to Understanding a Women

A smart love letter - read between the lines

Working Solo - Why am I so tired???

1st, 2nd 3rd child

Friday joke - body organs

If ur having a bad day, check out these actual cases!

Some Fascinating Facts Bout Bill Gates


Cough out money


A note from a daughter to mom

A JokE II -_^

Five Affairs

funny la

funny Labels

Give me your money

I Resign

A letter from an Indian mother

jokes ^_^"'

Living in 2004

Marriage Humour

PCK's explaining.....

Perils of Dating

ProBleM WiTh gUyS.....

"Singapore Song"

Kepala Pu-Singh

Soaping Up

Stress Relievers

Sunday School

The world is nuts

Hang Cheng Pai (Times are Bad)

Types of women



The wonders of Banana

Beware of Beach's sands!!!

Brain Teasers

Choose-A-Urinal Challenge

How to Survive A Heart Attack

Matrix Theory Explained

Medical atrocity - BE CAREFUL

Panadol Alert!

What Goes Through A Rapist's Mind - That Could Save Her Life

sad story in indonesia - riots in Indonesia last May 13-15

"You must be raped because you're Chinese ..." - indonesian chinese girls who got raped in the riot

Important - Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata) spider

Strange but true - Woman bridesmaid to ex-husband and mother

Bad experience - w/ Supercut

Tampax Pearl

Interesting quiz for ur Lateral Thinking abilities

Tongue Twister

why? why? why? got an answer

Contact Lens @ BBQ

7 DON'Ts after meal & during Menstruation

What ur email add say abt you?

Food as Medicine


Impt Msg From Bedok Police Div HQ on Mobile Phone

Orange festival

Rat Droppings

Read! important

Canny Ong & Safety Tips in the Light of her Murder

What does your name means?

Wonderful clocks

Surviving Worst Case Scenarios


Interesting scripts by the members of Hypermart Kopi-O forum... Enjoy!

(Order according to name of "company")

The Legends of Love and Hatred - by Director Cloud of CPC

FPFs story - by Director foreva/s4phirEz of FPF

Hypermarket "Chao Ji Da Zhi Zuo" - by Director Gina of GTO

ISPs story - by Director InsanE of I.S.P. (InsanE's SanE's ProductionS)

KPOs story - by Director ken of KPO (Ken Production Organisation)

Condor Heroes 2000 - by Director LenLen of LOVE - for attacking the video market

Cruel Intentions - by Director Prisc

Millennium Stories (First Story) - by Director Trends

Millennium Stories (Period Drama) - by Director Trends

Voices in the Farm - by Director Tom of TTP

Marathon Story Writing - by Director watcher

AD 2500 - by TTP and FTF

Rojak Love Story - by all of us

Scriptwriter's Story - by Scriptwriter and all the directors


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