Subject: interested in ghost stories??

Submitted by: DeViL

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Age: 17

From: Singapore

Title: My Little Sister!

My Story: Here goes the story about my lovely little sister................

This happen to me when i'm 14 years old.........I have a little sister. It happen to her when she is only 7 years old...................My sister likes to go over to her friend house to play. She would ride her bicycle to her friend house. Then one day, she came back late. My mother was so worried. My sister actually did not realise the time and when she looked at her watch and found out that it was 7 p.m., she quickly rode her bicycle. Instead of going the long way, she decided to take shortcut which is to ride on the cemetery.

When she reached home, my mum scolded her for coming home late. Then my sister just go to her room and locked herself in her room. It so weird of her to do that. When i walked past her room, i heard a chinese man voice. I told my mum about it. My mum enter her room. My sister just sat there like a statue. I was scared to see her like that.

Suddenly........she talked in mandarin......i was shocked as our family is malay and how come she can talked in chinese......Not just that. Her soft voice turns to be a man voice. My mum told my father about it. My father called his friend(a bomoh) to help him. His friend come to our house.

After he had arrived, he went to my sister room and told us to get out of the room. So my mum closed the door behind us. We heard a man voice were screaming....then my father friend open the door and tell us that a chinese man spirit had entered my sister body and he would not leave the body. He lso told us that my sister may die because my sister had not been eating. The spirit wants to starve her to death. My mum cried....She was so worried...The bomoh say that he could not do anything becoz the spirit are so strong......

The next morning, i found my sister dead on her bed....I was so sad that i cried.....My mum too cried. I could not believe it. The spirit is so cruel. She is just 7 years old little kid........After my sister death, we moved house as we knew that the spirit is still in the house...Thats the end of my stories............

Hope my sister soul rest in peace.

Story 2

Submitted by: Jason

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Age: 13

From: Yishun

Title: Possesed.

My Story: This story was told by my ex-NPCC sir. This happen when they were jogging near a cemetery or some sort at Pulau Ubin early in the morning.

They were told not to take off their shoes especially at 5.30am but this girl was stubborn and took them off. When the squad came back and went to a changing room, the girls screamed as the stubborn girl 'touched' them at u know where.

She was punished and the CI in charge was very shocked when the girl spoke in hokkien and in a man's voice. She or he was asked to leave the girl's body but he refused becaused of something(my sir did not quite explained it). After a few holy prayers, the girl's body was left alone.

When my sir told the story, my male squad mates were quite 'interested'. I hope the males found it too but let me tell u, it was true.

Story 3

Submitted by: marywana


Age: 20

From: woodlands

Title: hotel dunnoe what name....cockpit i think

My Story: Here goes..this hotel is located opp. Meridien at somerset. I think alot of you should notice it. Its opp. the istana also. The building if u see it is dark and spooky. There will be a guard standing at the entrance. I have always wondered why this hotel was never demolished although it has been there for decades, abandoned. I was intrested in what actually went on there. A friend of mine from the hotel industry, told me this story. There was this eurasian couple who had their second honeymoon there.

They were quite old at that time. Maybe in their forties. Anyway word has it that they had a huge quarrel and the wife went back to her homeland leaving the husband here.

The husband being very distraught with the wife leaving, jumped to his death at the hotel itself.

Management has been said to have blocked that room. But as years got by and "things" never did occur they decided to open it back to guests.

The unfortunante guests who moved in after it was opened happened to be a family of 4. The boy was found in the bathtub drowned. Nobody knows how it happened or why.(at this time my hair starts to stand...)

Well..after that the room was immediately blocked. But the floor wasn't. The other rooms on the floor were still opened to guests.

Management begin to receive complaints of having seen an old man and a drenched boy holding hands at the doorway everytime they left their rooms and came back. They were always there in the doorway..not doing anything....just standing there looking at whoever who walked past..

Story 4

Submitted by: fOr mE tO KnOW, FoR YoU To fINd oUt!

E-Mail: nO hAVe LiAo

Age: 30/2

From: aNyWHeRe cAn...

Title: sEc 3 ANnuAL CamP...

My Story: My school had their annual sec 3 adventure camp at Moe/Scouts Camp at Jalan bahtera there. As usual, all of us were very excited and eager to spend our three days, two nights stay there.

Upon reaching the campsite, we were introduced to the instructors and started pitching our tents. The girls' campsite was near to the forested area while the boys' campsite was more to the end. We had our usual activities for the first day and when we turned in for bedtime, as usual, the girls would be giggling about. Everything was fine for the first night.

The next day, we were to have our campfire. While having our campfire, i had to answer the call of nature and asked my friend to accompany me to the toilet. When we returned, one of my girlfriends asked me whether anything happened to us on our way there and back. So i told her no and asked her why...She said that she saw a white figure loitering around the toilet area. Initially i was shocked but just kept quiet about it and dismissed the idea.

After having our campfire, we quickly had our supper before turning in to bed. All of us were very tired and immediately fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, i was woken up by the sound made by a group of girls giggling. I was quite irritated as i thought that it was made by the girls in the next tent. Don't they ever felt tired after the campfire and all the activities? At least be considerate lah..people want to sleep right? I just told them to shut up and went back to sleep. Later, i was woken up again. This time it was not only me but my whole friends who were in the same tent as me. This time round, it was made by the barkings and howlings of the wild dogs. It came from the boys' campsite area. What the luck!

The next day, we told our instructors about all the noises heard and i told them about the laughing made by a group of the so called 'inconsiderate' girls. What surprised me most was that, my friends heard it as well but they said that the laughing seemed to be different, if you listen to it carefully. It was like in a very high pitched..more like a shrill and most girls will not be able to laugh like that. What struck me most was the replied made by our instructors..." It was not the girls that made the noise.. how can they still be awake? When i made the final rounds last night, all the girls were already fast asleep. I guess i no need to tell you guys why..i think you should know by now."

No wonder the dogs bark. As you know, dogs have the eyes to see things that we humans are unable to see. So that explains why the barkings and howlings made by the dogs and all the laughings...

Story 5

Submitted by: Horror Witch

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Age: 14+

From: woodlands

Title: Cemetery Terror

My Story: This was the story of about my friends. They experience alot of things.

My 5 friends including me was walking near the cemetery because we trying out something new. We were ghost-hunting. We walk along the gravesyard and I was leading them. So they talk among themselves and I was paying attention at the far end of the gravesyard. There was this old woman. She was sitting down there facing the ground, I was so scared who could it be at the middle of the night. At the ground, there were 2 babies. It looks as if she is sucking the blood but i don't know it is true. So my boyfriend, Faizal, he was the braviest one among us. So he decide to shout out loud at the old woman. He said, "You are the stupidest looking fellow i ever seen. I wish if i could be with you together in the night licking & sucking". Faizal joke. HE laugh and laugh and then stop. Faizal was behind us listening to his discman. He was way back from us. So i pass through alot of cemetery and I saw a tombstone written is


1987-2001 (DEATH:29/8/2001)

So we turn and saw that faizal was not there and he was never found. He got no parents. He stay with my cousin till he's dead. We never tell anything. But always I found the strangest thing when i came back from school. Faizal would visit me at my home when i am alone. He would peek at me when i am in the toilet[I MEAN IT IS FAIZAL SPIRIT THAT FOLLOWING ME] He say that he will leave me when I am pregnant with two babies and he will take away mine..........................

That's all for all lovers out there....................................

Story 6

Submitted by: babyfaz


Age: 27

From: Bedok

Title: Office Toilet Experience

My Story: I have been working in this company (sooory cannot mention name due to confidentiality) for 3 years.

The office toilet in my office is very clean and tidy. There is also ablution (wuduk) area where you can take for prayers. However the toilet would be full of staff during lunch time and evening time for them to touch-up.

I know that nobody has experience this before except me. This incident happened recently at around 4.30pm for the Asar prayers. Surprisingly during this period the toilet is empty. I just continued to do the ablution (wuduk). While in the process of ablution, I felt eeriee, it seems that somebody is looking at me but I just ignored it.

Finished with the ablution, I was adjusting my scaft, while suddenly I heard a soft voice behind me saying "Helloooooo" but the scaries part is I could not see any reflection in the mirror.(you know office, they have a very big and wide mirror)

I nearly shouted for help, but I forced myself to be strong and just continued to say some prayers (inside my heart), and quickly dashed out of the toilet. However I did not tell my collegue regarding this, cos I'm afraid that they will not dare to go there alone.

Till today, I still go to take my ablution during that time with a stronger faith in me and I managed to overcome it.

To you people out there, do not sing or dance in the toilet, caused a lot of 'Satans' or 'Spirits" is there watching you without you realising it.

Story 7

Submitted by: p|p3r

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Age: nil

From: bedok res

Title: The Spirit Game

My Story: You people have definitely heard of the ouija board rite? I used to think that thiz spirit game iz fake and dumb..that iz until i finally tried it. I waz in skool and decided to play it as we came like 3 hourz earlier than wat we're suppose to come. A group of frenz and i went to the pavilion which was located at the highest storey of my skool az it was the quietest and eeriest place.

At first i thot thiz game waz juz sum total crap until the pen actually moved and moved faster by the minute. I wasnt that convinced so i asked the 'spirit' to topple the drink packet which was beside one my frenz..After like 10 mins, it did..and at that moment..a book was flipping when there wasnt any wind..Weird..One of us asked the 'spirit' to topple the drink packet again..Thiz time after like 15 mins..There was a sudden loud noise and the drink packet dropped..S screamed and lifted her hand..Hell we were so freaked out we stopped the game and tore the paper and broke the pen..

Not for long.. A's legz were numb and he couldn't walk.. E had difficulties breathin .. J had a sharp pain at her neck and N heard sum1 called her name thrice .. Whoa.. thiz was too much of a coincedence.. and worse of all.. a skool attendant died recently .. If u readerz out there think im faking thiz shit..THINK AGAIN..

Story 8

Submitted by: ice


Age: 14

From: jurong west

Title: Unforgetable experiences

My Story: It were school holiday, i and my frenz feel bored and decided to explore the school. Everything went fine. Then we decided to play hide and seek. I and two of my frenz went to the forth floor. While, the other two which is the one who need to find us were in the third floor.

In the forth floor as we were passing the toilet, we hear someone closing and opening the cabin door. We though that there were no one except us in the forth floor. So we went to look. The banging sound went continuously. When we went inside, we saw all of the cabin door were swinging by themselve. We got frighten and ran to the third floor. We saw one of the frenz that were supposed to find us were helping the other as she had fallen down and her mouth was bleeding. We helped them and quickly make ourself to the canteen as soon as possible... They told us that no one was with them at that time.....but one of them were being pushed by someone while the other was looking for us. And that is when we saw the banging of door incident. We were too scared to say anything. My fren who have fallen down has broke her teeth. We went to bury the teeth somewhere secret..........

After a few month, the teeth went missing... What has happen??? No one knows!!!!!!!