This is a true story. A friend of mine wrote this story to describe what a friend of hers had gone through while loving a man she knows.

All names have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved.


Cinta and Romeo - A Love Story

12.8.2003 // Posted at 11:55 PM

Hello Journal, it’s me Blossom again!!!

Journal, I wish to tell u a story, about a girl name Cinta. She’s my best friend, and recently, something unforgettable happened in her simple life, that she and I will never forget.

Cinta had a close male friend, and she often went to his workplace to see him. One day, he passed her a piece of paper, with a handphone number and a stranger’s name, ‘Romeo’ written on it. Feeling curious and unable to resist the urge to solve the mystery of the identity of the person, she called Romeo up…..

Romeo was actually her male friend’s colleague, and he had noticed her before. Both Romeo and Cinta clicked so well talking on the phone that they were soon were speaking like old friends within minutes.

Soon, Cinta was going to his workplace to see him, whenever she was going to meet her other friends who worked there.. She was so happy to be in his company. Romeo was very friendly and humble. To her, he was like an angel. Romeo was the first guy to be so attentive, to be so friendly and humble to her. He was far more attentive and friendly then her other male friends. He often joked with her, making statements like "Do you want to follow me to the toilet?" and "Do you want me to feed you?" Cinta never for once stopped to think whether Romeo was attached, especially since Romeo never said anything. Her male friends and his colleagues encouraged her to be with him, and Cinta felt so lucky.

Romeo was not handsome nor rich. But, his simple ways, his humbleness, charms, attentiveness and caring nature won her over. Cinta has never given her heart to any guy, and Romeo was the first one who had stolen her heart. Cinta had given her heart to Romeo. Romeo was her first love. Romeo never told Cinta that he loved her, but she had fallen in love with him. And, Romeo behaved like he liked her too.

Then, came the horror. One day, Romeo, in a casual sms reply to Cinta, told her that he has a girlfriend and that she was not happy that Cinta has been smsing him. Cinta was shocked....if she knew that Romeo had a girlfriend, she would have never have fallen for him. But, it was too late to ‘withdraw’ her feelings.

Romeo never changed his attitude towards her. He was still as attentive, he was still as caring, and he still played pranks on her and joked with her.

She worried herself sick for him when he was sick with fever and flu and was not contactable. She even asked colleagues and friends if they had seen him. And when he asked her for treats, she would buy what he wanted.

Cinta lost control of her feelings….she fell deeper and deeper….into the pit of ‘forbidden love’. Romeo was a guy who had a girlfriend whom she had never seen or even heard. She tried to control her emotions and she told herself and her friends that she only treated him as a brother. And, soon, her best friend advised her to tell Romeo how she felt.

Cinta was about to do that, when Romeo’s close friend stepped in. He told her that Romeo had confided in him that he was afraid that his girlfriend would find out about the whole thing, and hat he wants to be just friends with her. Because he was afraid that his girlfriend will find out, and also the claim that his friends have been teasing him about him and Cinta, Romeo had been unhappy about the whole thing.

Cinta was hurt and confused. If Romeo was afraid, why did he, up to the day concerned, be so attentive to her and even ask her for treats? If he was afraid, why did’nt he change his behaviour? When Cinta saw Romeo again after his friend spoke to her, Romeo behaved as though nothing happened. He continued to be friendly, to joke with her. But, Cinta had enough.

Cinta was burning inside, she was angry with Romeo, she was hurt so badly. She wanted to cry, to let it all out at Romeo, but he was not there for her to do so. His behaviour did not allow her to do so. Cinta wanted a shoulder to cry on, but she dared not ask for it. She felt that it was all her fault, for falling for a guy who has a girlfriend. She felt that she deserved no sympathy or empathy.

Fortunately, for my friend, Cinta, she had the support of good friends, who made her stand up again. Cinta became stronger after this incident. She distanced herself from Romeo, and told herself that although he still wanted to be her friend, her feelings for him will never be the same again. She no longer loves him, and she will no longer give him the attention he once enjoyed. Romeo will just be an ordinary friend.

To Cinta, my best friend, Romeo, though now an ordinary friend, was her first love. The first guy who gave her a chance to experience what love was. He was the first guy who gave her attention, who showed her how it was like to love someone, and he was also the first guy who broke her heart, though unknowingly.

Journal, love is like a opening a Pandora’s Box. It’s like a lucky dip, or lucky draw. You will never know what you will get. Sometimes, you never know whether it is actually love. And,even when it's love, there's always a 50% chance of it turning sour, no matter how sweet it can be right now.

Journal, knowing Cinta very well, I can feel what she went through, the tears she shed, the joy she experienced. Journal, is love that painful? If it's so, why do people long to be in love? If we love someone so deeply, only to lose it all the next, it's it all worth it?

Cinta, my dear friend, the one sided love that you experienced seemed so painful, that I cannot help but view love with caution.

Cinta, my dear friend, the emotional love that only brought you pain in the end, the love that was never worth has only made me scared of accepting love again.

Cinta, I'll be praying for you, that the next love you encounter, will not take the same path again.