Subject: LoVe....... Or nOt To LoVe?!?!?!?


Don't be too good I will miss you.

Don't be too caring, I might like you.

Don't be too Sweet, I might fall for you.

It's hard for me to love you when you won't love me after all...

Bottom-line : A person who makes me love him is actually a person who loves me more than I love him.


If someone comes into your life and becomes a part of you but for

some reasons he couldn't stay, don't cry too much... Just be glad

that your paths crossed and; somehow he made you happy even for a while.

Bottom-line : Time will tell. If he's yours he will surely come back.


Don't throw your back to love when it's already in front of you.

Don't drive it away from you because if you do, someday you'll think

again why you let love fly away when it was once residing next to you.

Bottom-line : Treasure the one who loves you! It's not easy to find

a person who loves you. It's always more valuable to have a sincere



The greatest regrets in our lives are the risks we did not take.

If you think something will make you. happy, GO FOR IT. Remember that we pass this way only once.

Bottom-line : Time doesn't wait. If you think you might have found the right one, treasure the person, don't let that person get away.

Don't let fear hold You back. Give it a try else you might regret later... "No one other than ourselves know what can truly make us happy."


Two tear drops were floating down the river.

One teardrop said to the other, "I'm the teardrop of a girl who

loved a man and lost him. Who are you?" ..."I'm the teardrop of the

man who regrets letting a girl go..."

Bottom-line : Nobody will sympathize with a person who constantly

lets chances pass by without making any efforts to salvage them. We

normally don't realize how important our loved and close ones are

until they leave us, and then we start regretting, which results in

misery. Lost time is NEVER gained again