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bRoUghT to You bY ThE...
F^0ReVa~~.... FTF~


HeRe is the main cast:
all finalists from our very own FTF's star search

our forum's every own wicked witch of the west, gInA, will shake off her bad girl image to sTaR in FTF's blockbuster as a miss goody-two shoes, girl-next-door.

ChRiStY, a sunshine girl, bubbly, full of life, cheerful, vivacious, enterprising, clever, lively and outgoing

LeNlEn, soft spoken and gentle..

as CoLd aS sNoW, aS CoLd As IcE, CoLd is the ice maiden oF the Millenium, but beneath her as hard as ice exterior.. she is actually ...(go figure)

fOr ThE GuYz...
the problem is.. besides, tom, chaos, nyj, YI, ken, tcs supporter, logic, i dun really know who are the guys, and i think you all dun really want me to cast tfg, fake raymond yong, heat.. haha, so let me fake it abit....

Ah-Van (AV).. actually his name is Ivan, but his mum calls him ah-van... only know how to pronouce it as Ah-Van

J fOr JaCkSoN.. one Of ah-van's friends... likes to act cool, act handsome type.. :P. .hmmz

LogIc, a lawyer, principled and his only reason of being a lawyer, is to uphold the law.

and after mOnths of Discussions and persuasion... FTF managed to get YuTakA Takenouchi and takashi Sorimachi to star in The NEWest blockbuster. (something that tcs wants to do, but can't) |o\z... their characters.. shall remain.. a mystery.......... :PpP


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