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Condor Hero 2000 - a LOVE's production

Chaos Yang (25), grew up in an orphanage, a medical graduate now a practice doctor in NUH.
Gina Long (29), an anesthetist in NUH, pretty and courageous woman, against all odds falling in love with Chaos.
LenLen Guo (21), grew up with Chaos, an adorable and cheerful angel in the orphanage.

Ken Wu (29), Gina Long old time friend and colleague, a renowned geneticist, well known and recognised for his R&D in DNA.

Tom Wu (25), Ken's brother, Chaos Yang best friend and fellow colleague.

Trends Cheng (25), Chaos Yang JC classmate, prosecutor.

Foreva Lu (23), Trends' cousin, a lawyer practice in Trends' firm.

Cloud Gong (23), works in NUH as a nurse, secretly admired Chaos Yang for 4 years.

Yi YeLu (30), the head of ICU in NUH, grew up in the same orphanage as Chaos Yang and Guo LenLen.

Friendly appearance:
Jane (22), Mei Mei (21), Denyse (20), Insane (20), Tse Chi Sum (23), Logic Li (22), Ngai Yat Jung (21), playmates of LenLen and Chaos in the orphanage.

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