We Presents… Rojak Love Story!!!

ePiSoDe 10 (FPF)

tom and foreva and meimei are at a ktv lounge, and on stage there was this singer, hei mudan, singing on stage. tom, was instantly attracted to her, with her lilting voice, her wonderful figure... etc. "wait girls, i will be back", he said to meimei and foreva, and went off in search of hei mudan at the back stage. meanwhile, foreva and meimei were harassed by some ah bengs

"hey galz, want to danze or not har..", one attempted to say, in his broken english..

"this one damn chio bu lehz", another one leered. foreva and meimei shook their heads in disgust. but the ahbengs continued "aiyoh, so dao for wat?!?, u look down on us izzit?"...

in the end, meimei and foreva, could not stand it anymore, and stood up to leave. "why so fast leaving?", the ah bengs demanded, grabbing meimei by her arm. with her fast reflexes, meimei performed a karate move, pining the ah beng's arm behind his back, "don't try and get fresh", she threatened. foreva punched the other ahbeng in the face, "yah, we are black belts in karate, dun try it again, or else the consequences will be much worse." The two ahbengs slunk away, and meimei and foreva sat back and wait. At last, they could not stand it, and went off to search for tom.

on nearing hei mudan's dressing room, they heard an off-pitched voice singing.. "ni wen wo ai ni you duo shen, wo ai ni you ji fen......" it was TOM. they silently crept to the door of the dressing room, and peeked inside. tom was kneeling in front of hei mudan, his hands clasped to his heard, seranading her. "you are my one and only love, the one and only woman for me" tom proposed to hei mudan, swooning away, "in my whole life, i never met anyone whom i love more than u. when u are the moon in the sky, i will be the star next to you, accompanying you for life. if you are the oxygen, i am the carbon dioxide. if you are the toothbrush, i am the toothpaste." meimei and foreva were put off by that jerk tom, and they stalked into the room. and foreva on spying a jug of water in the room, grabbed it by the handle, and poured it over tom's head. "take that!", she said. "and that!", meimei declared, stepping hard on his palm with her heels. and they walked out of the room, matter-of-factly.


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