We Presents… Rojak Love Story!!!

EpIsOdE 11 (TTP)

"I guess you a flower guy".. Hei Mudan laughed. "Do you need a towel?"

"No," Tom answered. "All I need is your love." Hei Mudan just stood there and laughed. "I think you are stupid. Go and find your other 2 friends lah. Ooops! I got to go now. My boyfriend is here to pick me."

Tom's heart sank. By that time, many backstage pple were watching. Embarassed, Tom immediately got up and went home.


The next day, Tom went to knock on Foreva's and Meimei's door. Logic opened the door. Logic was a lawyer who could successfully win 1 out of 20 cases max.

"Tom. It's you. You are in deep trouble. The 2 girls want to sue you," Logic spoke seriously.
"Sue me for what? Adultery?"
"haha.. was just joking lah!" Logic broke out in hysterical laughter.

Foreva and Meimei were busy studying for their coming university exams. Both of them were taking LAW and Logic was there to guide them with logics.
"Oi... want to go watch AD2000? I heard it's a very good movie with pretty women and handsome guys!" The girls ignored tom as if he was transparent. Deciding it was best not to disturb them, Tom left the house and went to JOHOR BAHRU for a short holiday. (where the heck he got money without work? God knows! haha)


In NUS, Foreva and Meimei were rushing to the exam hall when they bumped into Ken (Yi's bro). Ken was stuying computer engineering, preparing to take over the family business. "sorry gals".... ken said b4 rushing off.

Both girls were attracted by ken's charisma, not knowing he was Yi's brother. As a result, the 2 girls were late 5 mins for the exam. Luckily they were allowed in.


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