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Episode 4

One Week later, Trends came to NUH to visit LenLen, Yi brought her to LenLen’s ward, Ken and Tom were inside. LenLen had been transferred here since she awoke, she was sleeping soundly.

'How is she getting?' Trends asked.

'Getting better, just need more rest.’ Ken answered.

'My purpose here is to negotiate LenLen's case.' Trends came straight to the point.

'She told us everything happened on the yacht, Gina was shot by North Korean, next she lost her consciousness.' Yi said, ‘We lied to her that Chaos and Gina are still in Japan. ’

‘She will soon find out.’ Trends interrupted.

‘We’re afraid that she can’t take the blow, she is so close to Chaos.’ Tom explained.

‘I intend to tell her the truth these 2 days, she is not a naive girl, she seemed to know what happened to Chaos and Gina, she just didn’t ask.’ Yi said, ‘she definitely knows that we’re lying, she just don’t want to make us in a difficult position.’

‘She won’t show her true self to others.’ Ken added.

‘In fact there already have rumors spread throughout the hospital saying that she murdered Gina out of jealousy, I’m afraid she might have heard something.’ Tom said.

‘The tribunal brings a suit against her for suspected of being involved in the missing of Chaos and Gina, however If she is physically and mentally ready, she has to attend the court hearings next week to prove her innocence.’

‘But the bodies were not found’ Tom questioned.

‘The tribunal has reason to believe that the corpses were exterminated, many murder cases need not to have to rely on the fact of the existent of the dead body.’ Trends answered ‘but if LenLen claims that she did it in a state of mentally disruption, she can appeal for remitting.’

‘I disagree, LenLen will lose her bright future as a doctor if she were described as mentally disrupted.’ Yi protested.

‘No! I believed LenLen didn’t murder! They found Chaos arm doesn’t imply that he is dead’ Tom roared.

Ken looked at LenLen and she was not awaken by Tom’s voice and said, ‘Her mental is all the while in perfect condition.’

‘I’m just suggesting, however LenLen will do her own decision to defend or accept the plea.’ Trends clarified then took a look at YI and continued, ‘I hope you understand that I’ve to do my duty.’

‘We understand, LenLen is all of us concern, we will discuss with her.’ Yi replied.

‘I won’t compromise, I did not murder.’ LenLen stated, she was pretending sleeping, probably she was awaken by Tom’s loud voice.

‘But...’ Trends wanted to further supplement but LenLen stopped her, ‘What I said is truth and I will face the trial.’

‘So take care and I’d leave.’ Trends said and left. The 3 guys kept quiet, LenLen broke the deadlock by asking, ‘So there were no news from Chaos and Gina?’ LenLen asked.

‘Not at all.’ Ken replied.

‘Only found his arm?’

‘Yes.’ Ken nodded his head.

After hearing from Ken, LenLen smiled and said, ‘He wanted to save Gina and can’t take care of me at the same time therefore he chopped off his arm and threw me into the sea hoping that others may save me. He will be all right, people like us won’t die that easily, do you agree, brother YI?’

‘Exactly!’ Yi was trying to console LenLen though he knew that the possibility of Chaos and Gina’s survival was nearly zero, but he could not be that hardhearted to correct her by telling her what he thought.

‘But if Chaos can’t save Gina, he would give up his life.’ LenLen sighed and continued, ‘I hope Gina is alive.’ She frowned seemed like worrying Gina more than the court hearing next week.

Ken wanted to cheer LenLen up but just didn’t know how to put into words, he gave LenLen an encouraging smile and said, ‘They will be all right, don’t worry.’

‘You will be all right too, we will give you full support, and when Chaos and Gina return, we’ll throw a party, They owe us a wedding party, isn’t that?’ Tom tried to ease the tense.

But hope was just a hope, no good news of Chaos and Gina meaning that LenLen had to be interrogated in court.

In the Courtroom, everyone stood as the judge arrived. LenLen was standing at the defendant column, she hired TCS to be her attorney lawyer.
Trends was the prosecutor, Foreva was sitting beside her.

‘This is a special case, Chaos Yang and Gina Long had been missing for more than 3 months leaving no vestige, The Sapporo yacht company had made a statement proved that Guo LenLen was together in the yacht with them, hence we have reason to suspect Guo LenLen directly or indirectly involved in the death of the 2 victims. ’ Trends alleged.

‘My litigant was indeed in the yacht, but according to the Japanese Navy who rescued my litigant, she had been unconsciously drifting in the sea for 2 days, and according to the statement made by my litigant, Gina Long was shot by North Korea army and the yacht was on fire, after which she lost her consciousness. Hence we can assume that the yacht was destroyed and the victims death was caused by fire, this was merely tragically a nature disaster.’ TCS alleged.

The judge signaled Trends to continued.

‘We need to summon Denyse Lee, she grew up in the same orphanage as Chaos Yang and Guo LenLen,.’ Trends summoned Denyse to testify.

‘Miss Denyse, can you explain the relationship between Chaos Yang and Guo LenLen?’ Trends questioned.

‘They grew up from young and were very close. I remembered when LenLen first ambition was to be a news journalist, she wanted to report the situations and feelings of being an orphan. But when she was 15, she changed her mind as Chaos opt for medical field in NUH, LenLen started to read a lots of medical books and magazines as she also wanted to be a doctor so that she can work with Chaos in the same hospital day and night.’ Denyse testified.

‘I’ve no more question.’ Trends said and TCS demanded to question Denyse.

‘Miss Denyse, may I know what was your initial ambition.’ ‘Movie star.’

‘Do you have any good friends in the orphanage?’ ‘Yes’

‘Who?’ ‘She is MeiMei.’

‘What is her occupation now?’ ‘Teacher.’

‘Can you tell everybody what is your occupation now?’ ‘Teacher too.’

‘Why you want to be a teach? Is it because your good friend is a teacher so you also change your ambition?’ TCS attacked tactfully.
‘No, I become a teacher because I like children, and I want to contribute to the society.’ Jane answered.

‘So. Do you agree that a person’s ambition might change as time move on?’ TCS asked again.
‘Yes.’ Denyse nodded.

‘I’ve no more question.’ TCS sat back.

Trends summoned Tom Wu to testify.

‘Do you know Chaos Yang and Guo LenLen?’ ‘Yes.’
‘How did you know them?’ ‘ I know Chaos during my national service and Chaos introduced LenLen to me during my 21st birthday party’

‘Do you know Gina Long?’ ‘Yes’
‘How did you know her’ ‘She was the anesthetist in the university hospital, we were under her training in anesthetics field.’
‘On the valentine’s day in 1997, where were you?’ Trends probed.
‘I was.. I was detained in the police station.’ Tom seemed hesitant.
‘For what reason?’
Tom hesitated and replied, ‘ I had a fight with Chaos Yang.’
‘Why?’ ‘Because I tried to spoil his relationship with Gina Long.’
‘What was your reaction when you heard they will in love.’ Trends furthered.
‘I thought it was a joke.’ Tom replied.
‘Did you agree with what their love affair?’ ‘No.’ Tom lowered his head.
‘Why.’ ‘.....’ Tom kept quiet.
‘Because you were fond of Gina Long but didn’t have the courage to approach your training lecturer, hence you tried to spoil their relationship, am I right?’ Trends question closer.
‘.....’ Tom remained silent.
‘Please answer the question.’ The judge ordered.
‘Yes.’ Tom finally replied.
‘Because of this, You and Chaos yang got a fight and were detained in Tanglin police station for a night. Later, Gina Long went to bail you the next day and kept this matter from the university, and hence later when the university found out and decided to suspend Gina for 1 month. Your honor judge, here is the record from Tanglin police station stating the dispute against Chaos Yang and Tom Wu, me bringing this matter out just to show that love dispute can happen in spite of the fact that they are good friends, and Chaos Yang is a person that can get irritated and lost his control when his close friends trying to meddle his love affair.’ Trends stated.

The judge asked the defending lawyer to question but TCS had no question to ask. Foreva passed a file to Trends and signaled her to summon the next person, Jane Ang.

‘Miss Jane, do you know Chaos Yang and Guo LenLen?’ ‘Yes.’
‘How long you know them?’ ‘Since childhood, we grew up in the same orphanage.’
‘How would you describe Chaos?’ ‘He is very popular in the home.’
‘Popular in what sense?’ ‘Many girls at home liked him.’
‘Including you?’ ‘Yes.’
‘Did Chaos know that you like him’ ‘Yes.’
‘How come?’ ‘Because I told him I like him.’
‘Did everyone in the home know?’ ‘Everyone know, I announce in the Christmas party.’
‘So what was the reaction of Chaos.’ ‘He started to avoid me.’
‘Why?’ ‘He told me it was for my own good, so that I won’t have any hope in him.’
‘Do you think that if you know the answer beforehand, would you announce your feelings to Chaos.’ ‘I won’t.’
‘So that he would not avoid you, and you can still get close to him, am I right?’ Trends affirmed.
‘Yes.’ Jane reaffirmed.
‘How do you describe LenLen.’ ‘She won’t show her feelings, nobody would know what she think in mind.’
‘Do you think she like Chaos too?’
‘Objection! Such question may mislead the jury having prejudicial impression towards my litigant. ‘ TCS opposed.
‘Objection sustained.’
‘Your honor, I’ve finished my question.’ Trends told the judge.
‘I’ve no question.’ TCS stated.

Next Cloud Wan was summoned by Trends.

‘Miss Cloud, how long were you in the hospital’ ‘4 years.’
‘How long had you been colleague with Gina Long?’ ‘I know her since I joined the hospital.’
‘How did you find Gina?’ ‘she is a very nice doctor, not proud and very friendly, she gets along very well with her colleagues and stuff nurse too.’ Cloud answered.

‘Did she ever disclosed her love affair to you?’ ‘Yes.’
‘Can you tell everybody what you heard.’ Trends encouraged.
‘5 months ago she told me she and Chaos is getting marriage, but she seem unhappy.’ Cloud said.
‘Why?’ ‘Because Chaos told her that a girl demanded him to let her stay with them after their marriage, and Chaos didn’t decline.’
‘and then what happened?’ ‘Then Gina was very unhappy and she had a quarrel with Chaos.’
‘After that?’ ‘Gina told me that she loves Chaos very much, so she had to give in and let that girl stay in their house.’
‘did Gina have any comments about that girl?’ Trends asked.
‘Gina said that girl is a 3rd party between she and Chaos, many time Chaos and that girl were locked up inside her room.’ Cloud answered.
‘Why Gina can bear with such relationship?’ ‘Because she doesn’t want her relationship with Chaos to turn sour, she believe that Chaos will come back to her when he get sick of that girl.’
‘Do you know that girl?’ Trends asked.
‘She is the defendant.’ Cloud pointed at LenLen.

The audiences were in a tumult. The judge hammered to stop the disturbance.
LenLen was so stirred up, she wanted to refute but she knew it was not proper to do so, she nearly shed tears but she was controlling.

Ken was in the audience, looking at LenLen, his heart felt as if a knife was piercing.
Tom’s mind was shaken, he didn’t know which side to believe, the feelings of hatred towards Chaos for stepping two boats crossed his mind.
Yi glared at Cloud as if he knew that Cloud was telling lies.
Denyse was surprised, all the while she thought LenLen and Chaos are brother and sister love.
Jane stared at LenLen, she seemed to understand why Chaos rejected her.

TCS was furious, he wanted to interrogate Cloud.

‘Can you remember 4 months ago, when Chaos, Gina and LenLen departed to Japan, what clothes did they put on?’

‘er.., Chaos was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans, Gina was ring a white T-shirt and blue jeans, er.. LenLen was wearing a sleeveless colorful dress,.’ Cloud hesitated for a while and answered.

‘I’ve doubt in your memory. Indeed Chaos favorite attire was white T-shirt and blue Jean despite it was winter in Japan, but Gina and LenLen were wearing white sweater and blue jeans. I sent them off too, at the airport’. TCS affirmed.

‘Objection! Witness memory had nothing to do with the cognition of the words she heard from the victim’. Trends protested.

‘Objection sustained.’ The judge acknowledged the jury not to take the last question into consideration.

‘I’ve no more question.’ TCS said.

Foreva passed another set of files to Trends, and the latter seemed surprised.
Foreva signaled there was another person to summon.

Ken Wu was that person. Trends introduced him as the renowned geneticist in the international association of genetics study.

‘Dr Wu, can you explain in layman term, what is the topic you made during the 6th IAGS meetings? By the way, IGAS, sorry IAGS stands for international association of genetics study.’ Trends flushed.

Some of the audience laughed, indeed seldom have lawyer made such a mistake, seemed like she had insufficient preparation.
‘It was regarding the descendants of a repeated criminal might repeat the same crime of their ancestor.’ Ken answered but he was astonished why such topic being brought to court.

‘So what was the conclusion?’ Trends asked.

‘We did study a number of criminals and their descendants and found out that 50% of them have the heredity.’ ‘can you explain in a more simple way?’

‘That is if one of the parent is a criminal, 50% his child will repeat the same crime.’

‘Do you mean that the other 50% will not repeat the same crime?’ Trends read from the clip that Foreva wrote to her.

‘We can’t tell, after all this is just a survey, the other 50% might commit the crime and didn’t get caught.’ Ken supplemented.

‘Thank you for your explanation.’ Trends request for another witness.

That was the in charge of Optimist Home, the home of Chaos, LenLen and the rest, Mother Ona, she is 81 years old.

‘Can you pledge that what you’d say is truth?’ Trends told Mother Ona.

‘I’m a devout Catholics, and I declare in the name of god that what I say is only the truth.’ Mother Ona held the bible and took an oath. LenLen, Yi, Jane, Denyse saw her and aroused a nostalgic feelings of the orphanage days. They were so grateful of Mother Ona had taken care of them.

‘Can you tell us 16 years ago, on the 10 of November, who came to the orphanage?’ Trends asked.

‘A lady police officer came to the home with a little girl and asked if I could take her in our home.’
‘Why she had to stay in the home?’ Trends asked.
‘Her parent were dead.’ Mother Ona answered and sighed.
‘How did her parent dead?’ Trends asked.
‘Objection! This is irrelevant to the case!’ TCS opposed.
‘Your honor, the death of the girl’s parent has impact on this case, they might give lights to this case.’ Trends pleaded.
‘Objection overruled, please answer the question.’ The judge said.
‘The mother had adultery with her foster brother, and the father killed them and was sentenced to death on the same year.’ Mother Ona said.
‘Can you tell me what is the name of that girl?’ Trends asked.
‘Guo LenLen.’ Mother Ona said.

The answer shocked every audience and the whole court room was in chaos. LenLen couldn’t carry on any further, she shed her first tear drops in her 21 years of life.....


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