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Episode 5

She vividly recalled a scene 16 years ago.....

'LenLen, mum need to go and look for your dad, wait for me here ok? If you're hungry, here is some bread, mum will come back very soon.' she remembered her mother put on a cap on her little head and told her to wait. So she waited and didn't cry, because she believed that her mother will come back to pick her up.
Her mother didn't turn up that day, LenLen was brought back by a police officer, and she waited at the police station the next day, the day after next, until she had forgotten her mother and ended in Optimist Home. And now, she heard the news of her mother in the court, her mother won't be back, her father killed her. She was totally heart broken.
She remembered once she opened her eyes when she was drifting in the sea, it was winter, the sea water was freezingly cold, she told herself, ' I must survive, life is so meaningful, I want to be a doctor, I want to fulfill my dream. It's too early to die.... ' Hence with all these faiths and beliefs, she kept herself alive after drifting for 2 days. But now knowing the death
of her parents had brought her such a humiliating memory, Chaos and Gina were dead, she felt her life was so meaningless, nothing in this world worth her attention. She felt like telling the judge she killed them, and let the judge sentence her death. She didn't want to carry on any further. She lost her balance and fell from the defendant column.

The case was postponed to a week later. In the conference room of NUH, Yi, Ken and Tom were sitting attentively, TCS was listing out all the evidences that were extremely to the disadvantage to LenLen.

'I fell into the trap of Trends, If LenLen is being charged guilty, I won't forgive myself' Ken was very sad.

'It was not Trends fault, she didn't know you would be summoned until the moment Foreva passed her the witness list, your name and Mother Ona were added last minute.' Yi explained.

'Now the best way to free LenLen's out from suspects is to declare that she had mental distress on the yacht, based on the irregular affection which the court believed that she had with Chaos, they may charge her manslaughter and merely sentence jail for 3-5 years, if the jury may pity her life encounter, the judge may declare her not guilty and release on the spot.' TCS analysed the situations derived from the given evidences.

'She will no longer be a certified doctor after that.' Yi sighed.

'Let it be, if the court judges her guilty, her doctor licence will be disqualified too?' Tom seemed agitated.

'No other better way?' Ken asked.

'Unless we can prove that these facts are unfounded.' TCS answered, he pointed
at the white board on which 2 points written ' 1. Chaos and LenLen were emotionally attached, 2. Gina and LenLen had conflicts over Chaos.'

'Otherwise, the court would believe LenLen andr Gina had a fight and turned out to be a tragedical outcome.'

'Isn't there justice in law?' Tom asked.

'That's only the general saying of people who doesn't know law, in actual fact who can convince the jury will win.' TCS paused and shoke his head, 'all the evidences are against LenLen, but I will try my best to defend her, after all we are friends since childhood.'

Tom kept quiet, his mind was developing certain thoughts. They returned to their work and TCS went back. Tom went to visit LenLen. She was in a
special ward under security watch.

At the TFG office, Trends was confronting Foreva, he reproached the latter being too ruthless to LenLen.

'I still insist that her parents death had nothing to do with this case.' Trends said.

'In order to win, we must not let go any possibility.' Foreva replied.

'I guessed you would not let go any posibility to humiliate her!' Trends callously said,, " I'd advise you better not to go overboard, don't abuse law because you know what it is."

'Don't worry, have you ever seen me involved in any trouble?' Foreva smiled and said.

1 weeks later, the hearing continued.
Nothing new except that the questions repeated over and over again in order to confuse people and thereby they can discover if there was any loop hole.

TCS questioned Tom in the court.

'Mr Wu, have you ever heard Chaos Yang told you anything about LenLen Guo's reaction when she knew that Chaos Yang was in love with Gina Long?'

'Chaos told me when LenLen Guo heard that he was in love with Gina Long, her emotion went into hysterics, she tried to strangle Chaos. Chaos Yang was well prepared because he knew that LenLen Guo has such symptom since young. He gave LenLen a tranquillizer jab and calmed her down. ' Tom answered fluently.

TCS was shocked, the audience were amazed, Foreva was sneering as she scribbled something on a note and passed to Trends.

'Mr Wu, You're a practice Doctor, do you know that a person who has the tendency of going hysterics is unfit to be a doctor?' Trends read from what Foreva had wrote.

'Yes.' Tom answered with his head lowered.

The judge announced hearing session ended and urged both party to continue in two weeks time.

Ken stood in front of the bed on which LenLen was lying, she seemed to be very weak having no appetite for food since the first court hearing. Ken didn't know how to console her. Since they knew each, Ken always had thousand words inside his heart to tell LenLen but just could not phrase into a sentence. On the contrary, LenLen was always the one that telling Ken thousands
things about her ambition, her most repected brother Chaos and many other details in her life. But now LenLen was quiet, she was gazing at the view outside the window. She asked Ken to bring her to Yi's office. Ken seeked the permission from the police officers and carry her on a wheel chair and proceeded to YI's office. The policemen went with them.

Inside Yi's office, Tom was standing in front of Yi's desk.
'Your foolish attemp not only may jeopardise LenLen's life, your doctor qualification may be seriously affected too.' Yi reproached Tom.

Tom seemed to be nonchalant, he gave no heed and answered Yi, ' What so great to be a doctor, if LenLen were proved guilty, I will lose the meaning of becoming a doctor.'

LenLen overheard Tom's word and stood up from the wheelchair, she approached Tom and gave a slap on his left cheek, another on his right cheek. She wanted to continue but was too weak and fell on the ground.

Tom was stunned, Ken carried LenLen back on her wheelchair.

'You shouldn't humiliate the meaning of becoming a doctor, you wanted to become a doctor not because of anybody, it's your own decision made. Love yourself before you can love other people, save yourself before you can save a patient.' LenLen said with tears flowing her cheeks.

'I'm not mentally distrupted, I did not murder Chaos and Gina, even if the court proves me guilty, I will continue to appeal until they believe I'm innocent.' She asserted.

Yi and Ken were impressed of what LenLen had done, a hope seemed to light up as LenLen opened her mouth since she came back from the court hearing. Giving Tom a hard scolding though herself was in great blow proved that
she had regained her strong and caring nature.

'I will suspense your duty until the court returns a verdict on your false testimony.' Yi told Tom and continued explaining to Ken, ' Woodbridge had proven LenLen's mentality was perfect, and the court had prosecuted Tom.
I can't help, our directors might terminate Tom if he is charged guilty.'

LenLen gave a look with compunction to Tom, and thinking how to console him.

But Tom gave her a delighted smile and said sincerely, 'Don't worry, if I can't be a doctor in singaproe, I will continue elsewhere, thanks for your slaps LenLen, otherwise I would not only disgrace my family, friends and also disgrace myself.'

LenLen was gratified, she gave Tom and encouraging smile.

At that time, TCS visited Yi and he brought along 2 visitors. LenLen recognised them, Denyse Fok, Insane Li and NYJ , her childhood playmates. Insane gave LenLen and Yi a hug. He was adopted by an Indonesian couple after Yi's left
to USA.

They had not seen each other for more than 10 years.

'I'm sorry my testimony had caused trouble to you.' Denyse apologized to LenLen

LenLen shoke her head and asked Denyse not to take it in heart.

'We've found new clues that might save LenLen, let NYJ explain to you all.' TCS told them that NYJ was working for Straits Times as a journalists.

'I searched the news of the Guo's couples said to be LenLen's parents but found out that there wasn't any report stating that they had a daughter who was adopted by any orphanage in 1984.' NYJ said.

'Which means they were not LenLen's parents.' TCS explained.

'But according to some tabloids, they did have a daughter but was given away in 1982.' NYJ continued.

'But Mother Ona stated that...' Yi was trying to talk but Insane interrupted him from saying.

'Mother Ona is suffering from dementia two years ago.' Denyse stated, 'I and Foreva are voluntary workers in the home, she should have known that
but yet she still asked Mother Ona to be witness.'

'I fine Foreva suspicious, here is the medical report I obtained from Woodbridge hospital, Mother Ona had been there for medical checkup.' Insane showed Yi the report.

'Worst thing happened was that I suspected someone had altered the orphants records in our home. Take a look.' Denyse showed them the records of children adopted by Optimist Homes, ' althought the hand writing was quite the same,
but the ink color had slight different.'

'I've sent these records to laboratory and comfirmed that someone had altered them, LenLen's parents were not the guo couples mentioned in the court.' TCS stated, 'The only suspect would be Foreva, we believed that she wanted to frame LenLen and altered the record.'

'I have scanned through all the records and found out Foreva was adopted in 10th of November, 1982, exactly the same day LenLen was adopted 2 years
ago.' NYJ said and signaled TCS to continued.

'Therefore, Mother Ona was not telling lies, she remember that on the 10th of novermber, a girl was brought to home by police, but that girl was Foreva not LenLen.' TCS said.

'And some children at home witnessed that Foreva coaxed mother Ona to call out LenLen's name in court.' Denyse explained to everyone.

'I went to registrar of birth and confirmed that Foreva's parents were the Guo's couple.' NYJ told them.

'With all the proofs, we can justify that Foreva was the one that trying to frame LenLen.' TCS said.

Insane and Denyse said simultaneously, ' All the while she hated LenLen very much.'

'I've 100% confidence now that LenLen won't be charged guilty, knowing that the record was forged plus they haved not found the bodies of Chaos and Gina, the court will give the benefits of doubt to LenLen.' TCS affirmed.

Everyone were cheerer up except LenLen.

'Then who are my parents? Where are Chaos and Gina.' LenLen was asking herself.

No one would know the answer, LenLen pretended to be pleased and thanked every one for thier help.

'Don't worry LenLen, you'll soon find your parent, knowing that your parent were not criminals, we should celebrate.' Tom cheered LenLen.

'What if my parents turn out to be worst than criminals?' LenLen dared to think about it.

The court opened a week later, TCS submitted the substantiated proofs and pleaded the court to investigate Foreva. LenLen was free on the spot.

At Yi's house, everyone gave a toast to TCS, they were throwing a party to celebrate LenLen being free from lawsuit. In fact LenLen was still upset
by Chaos death but she hid her feelings in order not to disappoint the rest.
Tom was the happiest among all people in spite of the verdict of making false testimony would be out the next day.

Yi saw LenLen stood alone on the pantry, he walked closer and talked to her, 'Chaos will be happy to see you free.'

'Tomorrow is Chaos birthday, and I can't buy him a present.' LenLen sighed.

She recalled 16 years ago, she and the children of the home were planning to get Chaos a birthday present. As they had no money, so TCS suggested
to catch some fishes from the drain for Chaos. LenLen was the first one jumping into the drain, unexperience her fell into the drain and got some
bruises on her kneecaps. When Chaos realised her injury, he got a fight with TCS and blamed him causing LenLen injured. From there onwards, Chaos took care of LenLen whenever they went out, once LenLen was chased by dogs, and Chaos hugged her and protected her being attacked by the dogs, but himself was being badly bitten and got hospitalized for 3 days. LenLen had no appetite
during that 3 days when Chaos was not around.

When she was 7, a couple came to adopt a girl in the home, she feigned sick in order not to be chosen so that she can stay in the home with Chaos, go to school with Chaos, play with Chaos...

When she was 10, the children were invited to perform a sketch for a charity fund raising, LenLen was chosen to play Juliet and Chaos was the Romeo.
LenLen didn't know who Juliet was, but she just knew that when she grew up, she wanted to be the Juliet of Chaos.

But thing didn't work out as she desired. When they came back from school, Chaos often told her the girl at the groceries shop. One day he brought LenLen to that shop and browsed. A girl around 18 year old in the shop gave an ice-cream to LenLen and talked about her school life to Chaos.

She was a medical student in the NUH, later LenLen found out from Chaos that her name was Gina. Chaos mentioned Gina everyday, he told LenLen that she studied in the day and helping her family in the night. LenLen was very
impressed of being a medical student, she told herself that when she also become a medical studen herselft, Chaos would talk about her too.

When LenLen was 15, Chaos completed his A level and got a place in NUH, he was enlisted to NS and moved out from the home. She missed Chaos so
much that she told herself had to study hard and got a place in NUH.

Finally LenLen graduated from NUH, but Chaos had gone. Inside her heart, LenLen was weeping badly.
Yi tapped at her shoulder trying to comfort her.

Suddenly NYJ came to them and said, 'LenLen I just received a call from the news centre, they said they have your parents news provided by Cambolia news centre.....


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