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Episode 3

'Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Didn't you appriciate the girl who helped you to get adopted?' A voice inside the head doctor room said grimly, the door opened there walked out Dr Yi.

'Brother Yi?' Foreva was astonished to see Yi and regretted for being overbearing and aggressive.

Several years ago, way back to the orphanage, Foreva was the princess there, she was
witty and pretty, none of the girls there could be her rival thus everyone complied to her command, even elder one like Chaos also gave way to her willfulness.
Only Brother Yi kept ignoring her all the time, she did all sorts of unreasonable acts but
just couldn't catch Yi's attention. The more Yi didn't show interest on her, the more
Foreva went wayward and the more unpopular she became among her friends.

Everyone prominently changed their attitude towards Foreva since LenLen's arrival.
It happened on the welcome party of LenLen, it was the Christmas Eve 16 years ago.

'We should present a sketch to celebrate LenLen's coming to our big family. Let's
play snow white princess' Chaos suggested in high spirit.

'Agree! Agree! Yi will play the prince charming' Insane replied with delights.

'Oh yes, Yi is prince charming' Mei Mei and Denyse echoed simultaneously._

'Let's change the role, count me out this time, I'll be the audience and Chaos be the
prince charming.' Yi was 14 years old that that time, such play seemed too childish to him.

'Then let LenLen do the princess this year ok?' TCS requested.

'Confirmed! Jane, Mei Mei, Denyse, TCS, Logic, Insane and myself will be the 7 dwarfs' NYJ announced.

'Ah! I can escape from the witch role this year! Then who will play the witch?' Jane was relieved.

'Let Foreva do the witch, it matches her from head to toes' Logic casually proposed.

Foreva was furious that moment, she used to be princess in reality, 'How can I be the
witch? You idiot girl snatched my role.' She dashed to LenLen and slaped on her face.

Everyone was in silent reigns, Chaos returned an indignant glare at Foreva,

LenLen didn't cry, she just looked astonished.
Yi did a prompt response, he rushed to Foreva and gave her 2 slaps on her cheeks, 'one is for LenLen, the second one is from all of us!' He said furiously.

Foreva burst into tears and ran back to her room. On the Christmas night play, Chaos was the prince, LenLen was the snow white, Jane played back her familiar witch role, and there were only 6 dwarves that year.

Since then, Foreva had no more friends, everyone didn't bother talk to her, and she became more and more aloof, several times LenLen tried to associate with her, but haughty Foreva just ignored.

Two years later, Yi got a scholarship and flew to US, Foreva's emotion was swayed. One sunny afternoon, there came a couple to adopt a girl in this orphanage, LenLen and Foreva were chosen to have an interview with the couple. Foreva was eager to get adopted but she was too afraid to be LenLen's rival, everyone seemed to adore LenLen more than her. She had received too many setbacks since LenLen's presence. Helplessly, she cried in the toilet, no one comforted her, they won't even if they knew. When she came out from the toilet, LenLen stood outside and smiled at her.

Foreva felt disgraceful and stared at LenLen and said, 'You thought you'll win, let's see!'
LenLen shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

LenLen didn't attend the interview, so Foreva followed the couple back home._

'You're Foreva Lu from today, we shall treat you like our own daughter.' The Lu's couple
told Foreva and they seem kind to her.

'I have dad and mum now, I would fly to US when I grew up' Foreva wished._

But thing didn't work like the way she thought, Mrs Lu was killed in a car accident one year after the adoption, thereafter Mr Lu was upset and blame Foreva being a jinx. He tortured Foreva whenever he got drunk. Sometimes Foreva was too afraid to go to school, her classmate would gossip about the cane marks she had on her limbs, once she stopped going to school for 2 weeks just to wait for the cigarette burn mark to get disappeared on her cheek. Foreva cried many many times until her tears dried up. Her heart
grew colder and harder, the more she held grudge over LenLen.

'If not she feigned sick, I could be the one stayed behind, I wouldn't have to receive such ill-treatment.' She thought.

Sometimes after school, she detoured to the orphanage and hide at one corner to peep her fellow friends, they seemed like happy as usual.
Chaos and LenLen were playing Romeo and Juliet, Foreva felt so annoyed, her emotions had been a mixture of jealousy and envy, remorse and misery.

'I would make you suffer 10 times more than what I've suffered' She vowed to herself.

'Do you know Dr Yi?' Trends probed while starting the engine in her car._

'He was one the boy at that orphanage.' Foreva replied. Her mind was still thinking of Yi. She was gifted of the glib, being the most upcoming popular lawyer in town but was tongue tied after seeing Yi.

'You shouldn't make unnecessary guess before LenLen regains consciousness' Trends advised professionally.

'Everyone suspects that she kill Gina out of jealousy. My profession is a lawyer, to uphold justice is my duty, I wouldn't let the murderer flee, moreover, Chaos was my childhood best friend, I must avenge his death.' Foreva disputed.

'But the Japanese navy only found LenLen and Chaos' arm cuffed together, Chaos and Gina' s body yet to be found, therefore no significant evidence to prove that they had occurred disaster.' Trends was prudent being a experienced prosecutor.

'I've clues to indicate LenLen has an intention to cause Gina's death, and I've sufficient proof to charge her.' Foreva showed her self-confident
completely without any lesser, after all she is the most promising lawyer in TFG firm.

'She ought to pay for what she did.' Foreva reaffirmed.

'I hope you'll go according to rules.' Trends sighed with a circumspect implication.

The moment Foreva and Trends stepped out NUH, Yi told the Wu brothers the connection between Foreva and LenLen.

'So that woman wants to frame LenLen causing the death of Chaos and Gina.' Tom asked.

'But DNA analysis showed that Chaos should be alive when the arm was chopped off, but where are they now?' First time Ken gave such a long sentence.

'We'll only have to wait for LenLen to wake up.' Yi shook his head and mumbled.

'So long LenLen doesn't wake up, they can't put on trial without the presence of suspect.' Tom said with excitement, 'But honestly I won't hope that happens.' He added.

Suddenly they heard Cloud voice, ' LenLen... LenLen, she is responding'.


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