Lens Original Video Entertainment (LOVE) Presents…

Condor Hero 2000 - a LOVE's production

1st episode

Story begins in year 2000, location at the Japan sea, newly wed Chaos & wife Gina enjoying their honeymoon on a yatch, after all those venomous gossips and unbearable despise which they received from their fellow students and lecturers colleagues, finally they can get together, the sunset was so beautifully romantic.

'Come take a picture, my dearest brother chaos and beautiful sister in-law!' lenlen was waiting at the deck, being the only dearest next of kin, chaos brought her along during his honeymoon, as well as celebrating her 21st birthday.

'So lenlen, have you met any interesting Japanese guy this trip? isn't this your 21st birthday wish? ' said Gina.

'Don't worry, if you can't find any, there are many bachelors who are young and handsome in our hospital.' Chaos teased lenlen.

'Oh! Pardon me, no more doctors in our house please! I don't like medicine's smell.' lenlen intentionally screamed like a spoilt child.

'Let's play a game, if today is the Armageddon day, what would you do?' lenlen asked.

'I've the same with him.' Gina gazed passionately into Chaos' eyes.

'We won't do anything, so long both of us is together, that's enough' Chaos replied.

'How about you lenlen, I guess you would then realize how good are Yi, Tom or Ken' Gina winked mischievously.

'Over my dead body! Hmmm, maybe I will think of Takenouchi Yutaka, after seeing he real person in Fuji Television, his image remained even if my eyes shut.' lenlen smiled, 'another question chaos, if the yatch sinks, and you can only save one of us, who would you save?'

'Of course I will save Gina, who wanna save you? I'll page for Yi, Tom or Ken to fly to save you' Chaos joked.

'How dare you!!' lenlen pretended to be angry and carry a handcuff which she bought in shinjuku last week and handcuffed Chaos left hand to her right hand, 'So you will never leave me in the lurch should there anything happens to me now! The key is in the hotel for your information'.

'Haha, you think Gina will get jealous? she won't, you're not her competitor at all, haha'. Chaos joked with joy.

Suddenly a machine gun shot alarmed them, 'It's North Korea Navy, our yatch might drift to their waters' Chaos shouted exasperatedly..

'What shall we do now?' LenLen was panicked.

'I go and start engine' Gina hurriedly ran.

But tragic always comes after fortunate moment, Gina was shot on her chest.

'GINA!' Chaos called out as if the shot was on him, LenLen was dragged to Gina's side by Chaos and she was in the state of shock.

'Ch...a.....o......s, the yatch is on fire, quick, don't care about .....me.' Gina said in a weak tone, persuading Chaos to evacuate.

'NO!' Chaos grieved, tears flowing from his eyes while trying to treat her gun shot wound.

'Help LenLen, you must take care of her, she shouldn't end her life here' Gina beseeched.

'I know what to do' Chaos break the fire extinguisher box with an axe and tried to put out the fire, but it was too late, the fire spread to rapidly.

Dismayed Chaos put on a life jacket on LenLen and chopped his left hand down with the axe. He threw unconscious LenLen into the sea and grabbed Gina tightly with his only arm, fire still growing.........


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