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The Legends of Love and Hatred

爱恨情仇 (Ai4 Hen4 Qing2 Chou2)




[tcss got a shock and look back]...

tcss: fu4 wang2! Oh nothing, just staring in the blank.

Ona: If you've nothing to do, go and play with your baby brother! He had no one to play with.

[hobbes hops in]

tcss (aside): Eeee!!! Play with this hobbes? No way! He's always hopping. I better go and look for YI.

[YI walked in]

tcss: Wah you very jiang3 yi4 qi4 leh! When I think of you you appear immediately!

YI: Of course! I very you3 cheng2 yi4 one leh!

[They went out to play]



chaos: Ha ha ha! This what pig Ona_ is such a pig! I'm gonna kill him!!! I'm gonna create chaos!!! Ha ha ha!!!

Jane: Noooooo honey! Please dun kill anymore! If you love me pls stop it!

chaos: Oh honey! Of course I love you. But for the sake of our people, I must get rid of Ona.

Jane: If you really care for our people then stop killing them!!!

chaos: If I dun kill them, will the stupid Ona_ step down?

[Jane looks disappointed but she can't do anything]




Ona: Oh my dear Gina, you're really my lucky star! Since you're born, I've became so popular and the country's economy has improved so much!

Gina: Is that so fu4 wang2?

Ona: Oh yes of course! (kiss Gina on her forehead)

Gina: Mama!

models: Oh Gina my bao3 bei4!

[Logic comes in]

Logic: King!

Ona: What has bring you here?




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