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The Legends of Love and Hatred

爱恨情仇 (Ai4 Hen4 Qing2 Chou2)




Ona: What has bring you here?...

Logic: I have chosen 6 beauties in our countries and has bring them here to be your concubines.

[the concubines walked in]

concubines: da4 wang2!

models: What?! Oh King pls dun abandoned me!

Logic [pointing to Christy]: This is Christy He.

[pointing to Karen]: This is Karen Mo.

[pointing to Saphire]: This is Saphire Lan.

[pointing to Lina]: This is Lina Bai.

[pointing to Cold]: This is Cold Liao.

[pointing to Evory]: And this is Evory Liu.

[to Ona]: They are specially picked. What do you think king?

Ona [very angry]: What do you think you are doing?

Logic: I thought you will like it?

Ona: What do you mean? Take this girls away! And you're sacked!

Logic: But...

Ona: No buts! I dun want to see you again!

[Logic quickly led the concubines and siam immediately]

[tcss walks in]

tcss: fu4 wang2...

Ona (still very angry): What?




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