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Not too long ago, there was a FW who owned a big house and a big car. While she was still paying the installment for her car and her house, she ran out of money and decided to work part time for her friend LNX. LNX needed his porch to be painted green. He offered to pay FW only $50 to do the job. FW gladly accepted the offer. LNX happily went to tell his lovely wife YLB about it and the wife said, "Is she crazy? The porch is all around the big house!"

Two hours later, FW came back to LNX and said that she had finished the job and the remaining paint was left in the garage. LNX was about to pay FW. As he was pulling out a $50 note from his wallet, he turned around and had a glance at his garage. He turned back and said, "By the way, that's not a Porsche. That's my Ferrari!" 

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