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Long long ago
before our time
there were two parachuters name Zoevinsky Taylor (also known as ZT) and Fannington Wongman (also known as FW).

ZT, a Russian, is born cunning and FW, who is an Irish, is born stupid like any other Irish. They had always been competing with each other since their childhood.

One day, they went parachuting together. They went on a plane and went high up in the sky. While they were getting ready to jump down, ZT said to himself "Hmmm, I wonder if it is safe to jump. I shall test the water first." So ZT cunningly pushed the dumb FW down from the plane. FW opened up his parachute and everything went well for him. ZT saw that it was quite safe to jump down. Immediately, he jumped. But he could not open his parachute. He plunged down very quickly and bypass FW. FW was jealous and said to himself, "What? This guy wants to compete with me ah?" FW quickly closed his parachute and both of them plunged down together and died. 

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