We Presents… Rojak Love Story!!!

ePisOdE 8 (KPO)

Trends, who is a homely girl, will become a ruthless leader, forced by circumstances. But in her heart, she actually wants to get out of the underworld. Out of gratitude she married Chaos. But only out of gratitude, and not love. BUT one day YI went to her house as a gardener. He needs money as his parents have now passed away. Sob sob. Trends and YI yi jian ru gu and fell in love. Chaos though is sick, still have the loyalty of the gang members. He decided to get rid of YI. Trends found out and wanted to elope with YI. In a wrestle, chaos is killed accidentally and they fled to M'sia. Guess what, they saw Denyse and NYJ. YI is angry with denyse for his leg, and NYJ is angry with Trends, bcos she knew about they are shi ge and shi mei, but she never helped him to escape from chaos. So yuan jia lu zhai!!!


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