We Presents… Rojak Love Story!!!

ePisOde 7 (TTP)

Trends, who is now the leader of ABC Secret Society holds a secret meeting in an old abandoned warehouse. This was to find a way to deal with XYZ society. Coincidentally, chaos was left to die in that particular warehouse after being stabbed many times. Trends discovered him and found him to be still breathing.

"Da ge! Da ge!!" Trends yelled. "Xing xing ah!"

*cough cough* chaos opened his eyes. "T..t..tt... rend...sss...."

From that day, Trends nursed chaos back to life again. Through this, their relationship developed further. Gina, on knowing this, gets VERY jealous. Chaos decides to tui4 chu1 jiang1 hu2 and allows Trends to continue her reign.

Meanwhile, NYJ, who was badly beaten up by chaos, permanently loses his left arm. Since Denyse was rejected by YI, she decides to leave with NYJ to Johor Bahru (which means elope lah!) There, they found an old abandoned house where they took shelter.

Jane, for the sake of YI, acknowledges the XYZ chief, (nicknamed TFG) as her father.

The story now moves to Tom and the women. Tom goes to their home and: "Hi gals!" giving a disgusting pose. "Wanna go shopping or catch a movie? Where's Denyse?"

"Denyse?" Foreva answered. "She eloped with NYJ already."

"ah?? never mind. 2 of you preetty girls will do. Let's go Orchard Road!"

Meimei answered eagerly, "OK OK.. I need to buy myself a very beautiful dress to match this beautiful face". With that, they left for Orchard Road. There, they caught sight of Joke Tay and Fence Wong shooting on location for the serial "The Golden Bolster" with Alex Boy. 3 of them, Tom, Meimei and Foreva, fans of Fence Wong, stayed to watch and give support. However, it happened that the XYZ chief, TFG was also there giving support for Joke Tay.


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