We Presents… Rojak Love Story!!!

EpIsOdE 4 (TTP)

Seeing Denyse drinking alone at the bar counter, Tom tries to approach her. "Hi Denyse, I think you were my girlfriend in my previous life." Denyse turns to look at Tom. "Do you need the asylum's help?" Meanwhile, the bar-man at the counter, NYJ, who was working part time saw what happened. NYJ was Denyse's boyfriend and classmate in NYJC. "Don't try to be funny".. NYJ warned. "Denyse is mine FOREVA!!". "HUH??" Who called me?" A young lady turned round. "Hi. My name is Foreva. Looking for me?" Saddened at the thought that Denyse was attached, Tom decided foreva might be as well............ the next target. Meanwhile, Logic stayed at his seat drinking and watching...... glass after glass......... YI had lost confidence in himself and at this crucial moment where he needed help... Jane appeared... She apologised for what had happened.. And their relationship began to blossom again.. Meanwhile Gina who caused YI and Jane to broke up before the accident, was caught up in a love-triangle..


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