We Presents… Rojak Love Story!!!

ePisOdE 13 (iNsAnE)

gina got pregnant and went to look for chaos. chaos rejected her and so gina commited suicide... chaos felt guilty but it was too late... one day, chaos saw a lady who looks uncanningly like the late gina... chaos went up to that lady and saw her for her name. "my name is GAIN (mix it around and what do you get?)" the lady replied. chaos fell in love with the lady (and vice versa) and so a romance blossomed between them...


tom called the police, disguises his voice, and told them that he knew who the killer of ken's and yi's parents. "It is a lawyer who accepted money to kill them..."

a few days later, the police went up to logic's house (??) (if you could call a caravan one(he no money to buy proper HDB flat)) and flashed a warrant and arrested him...

ken therefore was not under any lawyer... he was arrested for bribery and put to jail for 3 years... logic was not allowed bail... and due to insufficent evidence, he was hung (yeah!)

tom was also arrested for hacking and was sent to jail for 2-and-a-half year.


Denyse & NYJ, Trends & YI got married together and so it was a happy ending.

both the societies broke up and all the gang members all went to work under NYJ's newly-opened bar and YI's newest Hello-Kitty-shop(trends persuaded him)... [BUT MOST WENT TO THE BAR TO WORK.]

UNFORTUNATELY, jane was put in woodbridge (or whatever they call it now) and saw insane. they became friends and soon jane fell in love with another insane person called MOT (mix it and what do you get?) INSANE on the other hand became sane and went on with her studies... (LOL) foreva and meimei carried on with their studies and graduated with flying colours. soon, at their new workplace, they found their true loves, Nek and Enk

Ona_ was just kidding about the diamond to trends... she was waiting nearby to get back the diamond which trends threw and got a fake one which NYJ threw into the sea. Ona_ became rich after selling the diamond and opened a Loony-Tunes-shop next to YI'S Hello-Kitty-shop...


^_^ END ^_^