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Episode 2

The aisle between the intensive care units seems desolately quiet at all time, once in a while wailing cries can be heard from any wards. Babies
were crying to begin their lifetime journey here, people was crying to send off their beloved one here.

In ward 2046, LenLen was lying on the bed, she looked pale and helplessly relying on the advanced medical equipments to sustain her vitality.

Besides her was Tom fallen asleep on the visitor's couch which he had sat for the past 3 months since LenLen was admitted by sapporo city hospital from japan.

The door was opened came in Ken, he patted Tom's shoulder to wake him up._

'Time to go, 7 am. 'Ken reminded Tom to start circuit inspection in the morning.

'Take care of her. 'Tom kneaded his eye rim and said.

'Certainly.' Ken answered and sat on the bed edge, his eyes had been gazing at LenLen since he entered. She looked so young and innocent, just celebrated her 21st birthday and graduation with distinction, a promising doctor in near future, but now lying on the sick bed aimlessly.

'Life had been cruel to her for the past 21 years' Ken thought.

He remembered at Tom's 21 birthday party, Chaos introduced LenLen to him and his brother.

Tom invited her for a dance, she lifted her skirt and returned bow to Tom. In the dance floor, She was so lively like a stalk of sunflower dazzling under the sun. Ken thought that she would have come from a cultivated family but later was surprised when Chaos mentioned she grew up in the orphanage too.

'LenLen was abandoned by her parents when she was five, being an orphan, she didn't seem dejected at all, on the contrary she was the most cheerful girl I've seen so far,' Chaos was pleased with LenLen, 'first time I saw her, I was standing under the sun being punished for some mischievous acts, she smiled and waved at me, took off her cap and threw to me.'

'There was another time when a couple wanted to adopt a child from our orphanage, everyone was worried of not being chosen, but she remained cheerful as usual and consoled everybody,' while mentioning LenLen, Chaos had never forgotten to praise her as if she was wearing a halo, 'finally only LenLen and another girl were chosen to meet the couple, but that girl cried out loudly afraid of not being selected, and this stupid LenLen unexpectedly out of pithiness feigning sick and refused to meet that couple, so that girl was brought back without opponent.'

Ken was impressed by LenLen's sheer enthusiasm and from that moment onwards he promised himself that he would help LenLen to find a home better than anyone could offer.

While pondering, someone knocked the door and there entered Cloud, 'Dr Wu, Tom is quarreling with Miss Lu at the reception, please go and stop them.' Ken took another gaze at LenLen and unwillingly turned his body and walked to the reception.

'So you doctors are so busy to argue with visitors?' a woman voice raised loudly.

'I've told you many times, without the in charge doctor's approval, no one can disturb her, moreover she is still in coma, you wouldn't obtain any information from her.' Ken saw Tom was shouting at Foreva.

'I see, I think you'd prefer her to sleep forever, so she doesn't need to face the trial' Foreva stated ironically.

'She would prove her innocence in the court, mind you! We're more anxious than you about her revival.' Tom retorted fiercely.

'Can't you do anything to wake her up? Or are you just shielding her from being prosecuted, that girl is good at feigning, now the whole NUH knows
that she is the suspect of causing the death of Chaos Yang and Gina Long.' Ken frowned when he heard Foreva had gone too far to make unsubstantiated accuse, Trends who came with Foreva also noticed her behavior had gone overboard, she bumped her arm trying to stop Foreva.

'Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Didn't you appreciate the girl who helped you to get adopted?' A voice inside the head doctor room said grimly, the door opened....


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