Cloud’s Production Company (CPC) Presents…

The Legends of Love and Hatred

爱恨情仇 (Ai4 Hen4 Qing2 Chou2)




[NYJ's getting giddy and fainted]...

Cloud: Heh! Are you alright? You must have fainted for not eating.

[Mei Mei passes by and saw Cloud & NYJ]

Mei Mei: Oh! NYJ! Are you alright? [to Cloud] Get some water!

Cloud: OK! (rush off)

[Cloud came back with some water in a bowl. Mei Mei drops some water in NYJ's mouth. NYJ regain consciousness]

NYJ: Oh Mei Mei it's you! [getting excited] [looking at the bowl] Thank you for saving my life.

Mei Mei: Oh actually it's this girl who gave you the water.

NYJ: Thank you girl... What's your name?

Cloud: I'm Cloud. I'm glad you're alright. I must be going. [walks off]

[Mei Mei helps NYJ up]

[INSANE passes by, behave madly]

INSANE: gei3 wo3 yi4 dian3 chi1 de4 ba4!

Mei Mei: Yucks!

NYJ: This insane one passes by here everyday. I've heard that her mother...


LenLen (going to give birth): Arrgh!!! Arrgh!!! Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INSANE: Wah!!! Wah!!!

rugrats: Ah!!! sheng1 le4!!! sheng1 le4!!! {holding up INSANE} Wah! Such a CUUUUTTTTTEEEE baby!!! Exactly like me!!! [looking at LenLen and shake her] Honey? Honey!!! {cry like siao --> LenLen had died of childbirth}

{rugrats put down INSANE & pick up his sword. He stabbed himself and died due to loss of blood}]

NYJ: And so, she became an orphan and went mad. But I was not better... *sob sob*

Mei Mei (the kaypoh one): What happened? Tell me leh! Quick!

NYJ: We were a happy family. Everyone envied us. But one day...


{voices & Denyse were bringing the little NYJ out. On the way...}

voices & Denyse: Arrgh!!!




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